ANTHROPOCENE CURRICULUM / The Technosphere Issue Campus 2016 @Berlin

“The second edition of the Anthropocene Campus will shed light on this man-made sphere, posing the challenge of describing, understanding, and more consciously shaping a twenty-first century wherein the forces of humanity, technology, culture, life, and industry act in accordance with the biophysical possibilities and limits of our planet.”

Anthropolands’ members Maria Paula Diogo, Ana Simões, Davide Scarso and Ivo Louro participated in the second edition of the Anthropocene Campus, in 2016, entitled The Technosphere Issue.

They produced, in collaboration with other attendees, the following projects:

Os membros do projecto Anthropalands Maria Paula DiogoAna SimõesDavide Scarso e Ivo Louro participaram na segunda edição do Anthropocene Campus, em 2016, entitulado The Technosphere Issue.

Produziram, em colaboração com outros participantes, os seguintes projectos: